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BALL is proud to offer many different divisions of Little League baseball to help your child get the most out of their baseball experience. 

Tee-Ball- (4 + 5yos) - The tee-ball division introduces your child to the game of baseball in a non-competitive environment- with an emphasis on enjoyment of the game while learning the basics.  Learning to work as part of a team, being a good sport and having fun are the primary focal points.  This season runs later than the older kids- typically early May to early June. 

Coach Pitch - (Advanced 5yo's, 6 and 7yos)  The coach pitch division is a step above tee-ball and provides your child with the ability to experience the fundamental game of baseball.  Learning about base-running, balls and strikes, outs and innings are all part of this division. This division runs late April to middle June.  *Those turning 8 this spring/summer can elect to play Coach Pitch as well, provided they didn't have 2 previous years of Coach Pitch* 

Minors (Developmental) Division (8, 9 and 10yos This division introduces player-pitching from the mound and is the first step in competitive baseball.  The league will use a Modified Kid Pitch format.  This format includes no walks by pitchers.  If a batter receives 4 balls in an at bat, the coach will come in and finish the at bat.  Stealing will only be allowed on balls that get past the catcher and all runners at 3rd must be batted in.  This division is geared for players who are still developing and/or are relatively new to the game of baseball. This division affords your child the chance to make an All-star postseason team and get introduced to Little League tournament play at the district and state levels. This division runs late April to early June. 

Majors Division (Advanced 9-12 yos)  This is the cornerstone division of Little League baseball. This is where your child puts everything he's learned to the test.  All players in this division will go through a Player Evaluation in early spring to ensure they will be successful in this division.  This division also allows for selection to postseason team to test their skills against the very best in our district - and if we are successful, the state of Michigan. This division runs late April to early June.
** Players will be evaluated and based on performance, recommendations will be made for placement in either the Minors or Majors Division. 

Juniors Division (Advanced 12yo's, 13 and 14yos)  This is the final division of Little League baseball which allows the players to get one last season of play in before High School ball. This season runs later than the other divisions- typically throughout the month of June.

If you have any questions regarding the format of any of our divisions- or whether your child would qualify for a different division, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


First, you'll be asked to create an account using your personal info (Name, address, email, phone)
This information will be used for contact info for your children when the season begins.

Once your account is created, you can add players one by one to your account.

From there, select the age-appropriate league for your child(ren) to enroll in. If you believe your child to be advanced for his age, they are typically eligible for the division above their age level but please understand that this will mean competing not only against the age above them, but often 2 or even 3 years older. We ultimately reserve the right to deny out-of-division requests but will make every reasonable accommodation to permit them.

We will be conducting Player Evaluations for all 8,9,10,11,12 year olds to ensure players are placed in the correct division.

If you are interested in volunteering (coaching) please fill out the volunteer form in full, including a picture/scan of your driver's license so that a background check may take place. We always accommodate a coach getting his son(s) as a player(s) but beyond that, our divisions are drafted on a player-by-player basis.

Additionally, we ask for a bit of patience with this system as it is as new to us as it is to you. Our hope is that it all goes smoothly for everyone involved. If you encounter an error, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we will make every effort to walk you through the process. Lastly, we want to offer a massive "thank you!" to you, from all of us at Blissfield Area Little League.


Please consult the age chart below- ***Baseball and Softball have different age cutoffs*** - and then head over to our registration page to get signed up for the 2024 season! 

                                          CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION

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